Auckland Guitar Lessons
23 Kowhatu Rd , Auckland 1061
$25 per 1/2 hr or $45 per hr
Cash or Bank Deposit
Phone: 021 0874 1616


We offer Auckland Guitar Lessons in and around the Royal Oak / Onehunga region. Phone or text 021 0874 1616 for one-on-one , in-home tailored guitar lessons. Our Auckland guitar tutors are available for 30 minutes and full hour lessons for kids and adults at a low rate. Your Auckland guitar lesson will be catered to your skill level and structured around your own pace and musical style of interest. We have enthusiastic Auckland guitar tutors who will teach your kids how to play, sing and even write their own songs. Our guitar teachers have many years of experience in private Auckland guitar tuition , they specialise in 1 on 1. Auckland guitar lessons are tailored to meet your individual requirements , whether they be for beginners for more advanced guitar players. Enjoyment is the key, if you have that , you're halfway there!

* Outcalls to Greenlane , Ellerslie , Epsom , Onehunga , Royal Oak
* Outlying areas : $10 extra per hour
* Electric guitars / acoustic guitars and amplifiers can be provided

Teaching yourself guitar is possible , although depending on your age and musical background - taking Auckland guitar lessons maybe a better option. Your child , your little rugrat! May pickup the guitar lying around the house for a few years which will instill a familiarity with the guitar and may choose to take Auckland guitar lessons as he grows older. Note : Auckland guitar lessons are not necessary in all cases. Great guitarists such as Steve Vai took guitar lessons while Jimi Hendrix was completely self taught. If you , or your child require Auckland guitar lessons please contact us to arrange a schedule. Our rates are the best in Auckland and our Auckland guitar teachers are very experienced.
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I am a full time guitar tutor based in One Tree Hill , Auckland. Acoustic and Electric guitar lessons are available at a very affordable rate. I teach most styles of guitar and music theory. Phone or text on 021 0874 1616 for guitar lessons in Auckland!